Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ladies who lunch (and then some)

I am pleased to report that the franchising and licensing scene in Singapore is very much alive and kicking. Last week, I met Ms. Terry Wong, General Manager of the Franchising and Licensing Association (Singapore). Amidst talk about career histories and kids (always a great ice-breaker), Terry shed some light on the activities of the FLA and its tireless efforts in expanding and growing local businesses through franchising and licensing.

Over lunch at Ministry of Food, which Terry proudly announced was one of FLA's 170 members, I learnt that the government has been dishing out attractive subsidies to potential entrepreneurs. As a result, the FLA has never been busier; their courses are subscribed to the limit, and they now take more overseas trips to match their members with suitable foreign partners. All this over and above their participation in trade shows all over the world and of course the annual Singapore FLAsia Show in October 2009 (which I will be attending).

Terry's enthusiasm for what the FLA does was undeniable. And I suppose it is only natural, seeing that her work revolves around people driven enough to turn their dreams into reality. As we parted, I assured her of our firm's commitment to assist wherever we can ... at which point I remembered that we hadn't renewed our membership (!). No prizes for guessing what I did the minute I returned to the office!

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