Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A DAShing Bunch

Mention the word "designers", and one can't help but think of Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame making his rounds in a cluttered Parsons studio and dishing out directions like "make it work" in his clipped accent. But there is more to designers than just fashion designers - we have graphic, textile, web, packaging, product, environment, interior, furniture and exhibition designers, a fact that we were recently reminded of at the Annual General Meeting of the Designers Association Singapore.

Top of the agenda was to elect the next executive committee. Newly elected President Lawrence Chong and Vice-President Ulrich Schraudolph then proceeded to communicate their vision for the DAS in a most inspiring and engaging presentation. Attended by about 50 members from all walks of design, the room sparked with ideas about taking the DAS to the next level. Our very own Ravi was elected co-auditor.

Having practised intellectual property law for more years than I care to mention (publicly, anyway), I have met my fair share of creative types - writers, artists, game designers - all originators of IP, creators, dreamers, inventors in their own right. But I have to admit that being in the presence of so many of them in one room at the same time, was awe-inspiring and just a little intimidating.

And here they are ... well, give or take 2 legal types, if you can spot us.

The evening ended splendidly on the terrace of the Singapore Cricket Club, over scintillating conversation with old friends and new, under clear skies and against the backdrop of Singapore's city skyline.

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