Friday, June 12, 2009

Commencing Saturday 13 June 2009 (midnight, EDT), Facebook users may create personalised URLs for their Facebook pages ( To prevent third parties from using famous trade mark(s) as or part of their personalised URLs, Facebook has provided an online form for trade mark owners to record their rights. The form is accessible here. The information required is :-

a. Company name
b. Title
c. Email address
d. Trade mark
e. Trade mark registration number (in any jurisdiction)

Once registered, the personalised URLs will be non-transferable. We encourage trade mark owners to take preventive action now rather than to enforce trade mark rights later

Having said that, how will Facebook verify the identity of the person submitting the form, if at all? Mr. X could very well obtain a trade mark number of a well-known mark off any of the online databases then tick the little box that says he is authorised by the trade mark owner. Hmm, and what if someone tries "" or ""? What then? I can't help but wonder ...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just discovered this useful blog from your main website.

Although this blog is dedicated more towards IP rights in Singapore, I think the problems associated with identity theft will be a bigger issue after the 13th.

Since it appears that Facebook are reluctant to change the URL's once they have been assigned, it may become difficult to take back the URL from someone who has slyly registered one under your name.
(apologies for the deleted post)