Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Singapore still up for grabs on Facebook

Following the Facebook land rush on Saturday, 13 June 2009, celebrity names like Richard Nixon, The Real Shaq and Snoop Dog were snapped up by less famous imposters. Others may be found here. Some have also been posted on auction block Assetize, www.facebook.com/assetize being by far the cheekiest. Vanity URLs for big boys Bank of America, Fox News and Chinese company Huawei are also up for sale. This could just be an exercise in futility though, as Facebook is currently sticking to their strict no-transfer policy, at least until they figure out a workable dispute resolution process.

As of today, www.facebook.com/singapore is still untaken. In Facebook-land, the great country of America, however, belongs to one Tegan Snyder of Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Tegan Snyder said...

Thanks for mentioning me. A little by story on how I successfully scored facebook.com/america :

I'm a web developer and keep up to date on social media. When I heard that facebook was allowing users to choose their own url I decided to see if I could grab /america. I watched as the time ticked down for the deadline to choose a url, as soon as facebook had the option I copy and pasted america into the box and clicked submit.


Tegan Snyder